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Abracadabs 18-inch Purple & black beaker bong

Bongs: The Smoker’s Ultimate Companion

Bongs and dab rigs are the pinnacle of smoking culture and serve not only as the best way to create a perfectly smooth smoking experience but also as one of the best ways to express your personality.

Bongs have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, ever since the first smoker had the very bright idea to try filtering smoke through water. And that is exactly what makes bongs – also known as water-pipes – unique from other smoking apparatus.

All of your smoke is filtered through the water – sometimes in very complex and intriguing ways – before you inhale it, leading to a much smoother, less harsh, cooler, and overall more enjoyable smoking experience.

What’s In It For You

  • Bongs Catch Ash & Tar – When you are smoking a joint, cigarette, cigar or blunt – you inhale tar and ashes directly into your lungs. When you smoke through a water-pipe, the water catches all of the ashes and tar. You will have to clean your bong every so often, but it’s better being in your bong water than in your lungs!
  • Smooth Smoke – Bong technology is quite advanced, with multiple percolators which create smaller streams of bubbles that filter through the water with more surface area, filtering and cooling them down to make your smoke velvety smooth.
  • Cool Rips – There are also ice-catches on many of our bongs and dab rigs, allowing the smoke to pass over ice and cool down even further than with just water, giving you the coolest smoking experience of your life – literally!
  • Reduce Any Harmful Effects Of Smoke – Filtering smoke through water takes out many of the harmful carcinogens and bacteria that might be in the smoke, drastically reducing the chances of cancer or any other diseases.
  • Self-Expression – Ultimately, if you are going to be using your bong to smoke every day, you want something that expresses who you are, and bongs come in a vast variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs so you can pick the perfect one to fit your life.

The Evolution Of Bongs

The earliest discovered bongs were found about 2,400 years ago – they belonged to Scythian tribal chiefs and were made from solid gold!

While the material we use today certainly isn’t solid gold, the evolution of bong technology has advanced so far beyond those primitive pipes that we’re sure even the Scythian tribal chiefs would have traded one of their solid gold rigs for one of Abracadabs glass ones any day!

Bamboo bongs were popular in Thailand where they earned their official name, “buang” – as well as with Chinese royalty during the time of the Silk Road (130 BC – 1453 CE).

Since that time, smoking culture and sophistication have advanced dramatically. While it is technically possible to make bongs and pipes out of anything including wood, glass, and even leftover fruit – the most advanced bongs are made with scientific glass because of the intricate designs that can be created.

The Science Of A Clean, Smooth Snap

Let’s not kid ourselves – the ultimate purpose of any bong is to give you the ability to inhale a lungful of flavorful, delicious herb without the harsh heat and acidic burn of unfiltered smoke. The science behind achieving this perfect ideal is actually quite interesting.

The first and most important thing is understanding the idea of surface area. When it comes to filtering smoke through water, the surface area is important — see, the more your smoke makes contact with the water, the more heat, tar, and carcinogens are filtered out, and the smoother your smoking experience.

If you think big bubbles have the most surface area, think again! Imagine a big bubble of smoke and think about how much surface area that bubble has – then imagine if you split it into two bubbles right down the middle. Those two smaller bubbles have more surface area together than the big one did by itself, right?

That’s exactly how percolators and other smoking technology works – by sending bubbles through tubes and breaking them down into smaller bubbles, you expose more of your smoke’s surface area to the water, cleaning it much more thoroughly before it gets to your lungs.

Other “swiss cheese” style chambers break down bubbles further and also increase the amount of time the bubbles are underwater – which further increases filtration.

Finally, many of our bongs also have ice catchers which cool the smoke down the rest of the way to room temperature or even slightly below — removing the heat which can burn your throat and cause you to “choke” on smoke.

The end result is the enjoyment of delicious, full-flavored smoking with insanely smooth, almost creamy and cool inhalations, and no coughing!

Abracadabs Unique Designs

It’s no secret, Abracadabs has some of the most unique bong designs ever invented. Ever the purveyors of smoking culture, we keep up with the latest celebrities and top-class smokers in the world to ensure our bongs are on the leading edge of culture and taste.

With Abracadabs, it’s easy to make a fashion statement and own a luxury piece of smoking equipment at the same time. With our one-of-a-kind celebrity collaborations, we bring class and culture to smoking and meld the two together without missing a beat.

Lab-grade scientific glass bongs rub elbows with exclusive celebrity endorsed-and-designed bongs – so it’s possible to improve your comfort, your enjoyment, and your smoking pleasure while keeping your collection trendy and impressive.

You’ll easily be able to find whatever you want in the Abracadabs collection – whether you want to start a conversation with your exceptional sense of taste and personality in your bong, or just the ultimate smoking experience — you’ll find it here. Which brings us to…

How To Pick Your Bong:

When it comes to selecting a bong, the sky is the limit. Any kind of bong technology or design you can imagine has likely already been created by us.

There are bongs with multiple percolators, meant to create tiny streams of bubbles – some of them go through multiple chambers before you inhale them, or even around the afore-mentioned “swiss-cheese” style holes in the glass which scatter bubbles going through the water and make the stream of bubbles even finer before they reach the surface.

There are ice catchers where you can place ice to cool down your smoke even further and splash guards to prevent water from splashing into the stem, as well as water line markers to make sure you don’t overfill your bong.

All of this is an effort to create the best smoking experience, but it is personal to you.

The more complex the bong or dab rig is, the better the smoking experience. But with that improved smoothness and coolness comes the added difficulty of cleaning those glass tubes when the time comes.

Keeping Your Bong Clean

Of course, you should never be intimidated away from buying the bong you’d really enjoy most by the difficulty involved in cleaning it! That’s because, when you have the right tools and methods, cleaning your bong is as easy as any other household chore.

So, for starters: how often should you clean out your bong? Considering the fact that every rip leaves behind tar, bacteria, and gunk in your bong water, making it less clean and hygienic, you’ll want to do it pretty regularly.

Not only does this quagmire in your bong lead to less tasty smoke and decreased pleasure in your sessions – but it can also gather fungus and other microbes taking up residence in your chamber — and inadvertently getting into your lungs and causing unexplainable sicknesses.

But don’t worry, if you follow these cleaning suggestions, your bong will always be clean, smooth, and free of germs.

First of all, we suggest switching out your water and ice in between smoking sessions – that way every session starts with a clean slate. This will also reduce the number of times you have to deep clean your bong.

But no matter how well you rinse out your bong with water between uses, some tar is bound to stick to the glass itself. That’s why you’ll need to deep clean your bong regularly as well for maximum cleanliness and hygiene. We suggest deep cleaning your bong at least once a week or more.

Here’s how you can deep clean your bong without breaking a sweat. The key ingredients are Epsom salt and rubbing alcohol. You can get both isopropyl alcohol and Epsom salt at your local drug store, and they are very inexpensive.

The next step is to seal off the openings of your bong – because you are going to fill your bong with these two ingredients. You can buy seals (as we mention here) or use plastic bags with rubber bands. Start by sealing your downspout where the bowl inserts into the bong with a cap or a plastic bag and rubber band.

Then fill your bong with rubbing alcohol and drop in a generous amount of Epsom salt. If your bong is small enough to fit into a gallon-sized bag, then simply fill the bag with alcohol, pour Epsom salt into the bog itself and then submerge the bong.

You’ll finish off by sealing your tube if your bong is too big to submerge.

Shake it all up, and let it sit overnight or until the solution is murky with suspended chunks floating around. You should be able to tell the glass itself is actually clean at this point. Then you pour all of it out and rinse your bong thoroughly in water and… viola! Your fresh and clean bong is perfectly ready to smoke again!

So, at the end of the day – pick the bong that feels right to you. Something that seems to express who you are as a smoker. If all that means to you is you want the smoothest smoking experience available, or if you want something that looks cool – then we’ve surely got the right piece for you.